FLEXCYCLE-The Recovery Management

About Flexcycle

Flexcycle is a Canadian Electronics Recycling Company  located in Toronto, Ontario.

Flexcycle provides customers with a comprehensive selection of waste management services focusing on green electronics recycling, waste disposal, hard drive data destruction and shredder and resource management strategies. Here at Flexcycle we pride ourselves on the core principles of “Environmental Protection”, “Information Security” and “Resource Integration”. Based on the model of sustainable junk removal, waste recycling and the “Zero Landfill”  initiative.

Flexcycle as an outstanding recycling center around Toronto area tailors the programs and measures that correspond to our various recycling projects to continually improve recovery rate. This is done in a bid to avoid burning and dumping to reduce the effects of ecological pollution and climate change.

FLEXCYCLE-The Recovery Management we specialize in aspects of :

Flexcycle provides customers with a comprehensive asset recovery services focusing on green electronics recycling, data destruction, data wipe, removing assets, waste disposal, and resource management strategies. Depending on clients' requirements, all related reports and certificates would be offered.

In terms of data destruction, we operate a safe, quiet and efficient automated shredder that ensures all hard drive destruction debris meets customer size demands. According to the data wiping, Flexcycle relies on a data sanitization program known as the “US Department of Defense (DoD) 5220.22-M Standard” to ensure that the data wiping process is completed and irreversible.

Flexcycle recycles retired IT assets based on the “Zero Landfills” initiative. To ensure accurate electronics recycling and safe hazardous waste disposal, our working flow is guided by governmental regulations and strict internal recycling policies.

Sustainability and Safety are of the utmost importance in the recycling industry. We carefully handle and recycle our client’s products in accordance with all the latest environmental standards, governmental recycling regulations and data security measures.

Flexcycle’s 24/7 monitored warehouse storage and our warehouse features separate an isolated storage place equipped with an alarm trigger system. Additionally, through the remote access to monitoring interface, customers are able to see the status of their items.

Flexcycle as a recycling center is committed to providing all our customers with punctual, accurate and secure delivery service. Meanwhile, solutions are custom tailored to offer low cost but high quality.


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Data Destruction Tel: 1-905-305-0798
Decommission Service Fax: 1-905-305-0778
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Junk Remove Mon to Fri: 9am - 6pm
Data Destruction Sat to Sun: Appointment
Drop Off Locations Address: 165 Gibson Dr.
Public Collection Event Markham. L3R 3K7
Certificates of Recycling Ontario.Canada