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Flexcycle recycling services

Flexcycle is confident that its approach to waste recycling and recyclable material recovery will leave every client satisfied with the service provided. This confidence stems from a set of proven, flexible and Customizable Electronics Recycling project plans to meet the varying needs of our customers.

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Furthermore, we have continuously worked to enhance environmental awareness, which has enabled Flexcycle to create a series of safe, sound and sustainable recycling services for our customers. All our procedures are wholly accountable and transparent and are guided by government rules and regulations, as well as rigorous internal rules to further enhance our ability to effectively conduct proper recycling programs, junk removal and safe materials handling.

Flexcycle’s professional resource waste management personnel unremittingly work to improve and enhance their professional proficiency and managerial experience. This is done through broadening their specialized knowledge, synthetic judgement and having access to advanced global technology.

Additionally, Flexcycle places great importance on information security; strictly adhering to the highest level of security data sanitization procedures for all customers’ confidential information. By choosing Flexcycle as your E-waste recycling provider, you can feel confident that your confidential electronic information will be handled securely and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

The Fundamental Aspects of Electronics And Waste Recycling Management

  • Electronic and Electrical Product Recycling
  • Renewable Resource Recycling
  • Confidential Information Security and Data Destruction
  • Low-Carbon Project Customization
  • Secure Logistical Warehousing and Real-time Monitoring



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Data Destruction Tel: 1-905-305-0798
Decommission Service Fax: 1-905-305-0778
De-installation of Assets
Certificates of Recycling
Secure Chain-of-Custody


Junk Remove Mon to Fri: 9am - 6pm
Data Destruction Sat to Sun: Appointment
Drop Off Locations Address: 165 Gibson Dr.
Public Collection Event Markham. L3R 3K7
Certificates of Recycling Ontario.Canada