Data Destruction

Flexcycle meets all governmental requirements and regulations regarding our physical data destruction program. We operate a safe, quiet and efficient automated shredder machine for media storage that ensures all hard drive destruction debris meets customer size demands.

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Professional Data Destruction

Flexcycle’s professional data destruction team is here to provide solutions for all our clients information security issues and concerns. We have the professional storage media shredder which is capable of effectively destroying hard drives, CDs, U-Disks, SD cards and any other storage devices.

Unprofessional Data Destruction

It is a general belief that without a professional hard drive shredder, data destruction can still be achieved by physically hammering, drilling or soaking the hard drives. Below methods however cannot completely damage the disks which ultimately allow data to successfully be restored through specific measures.

Hammering the Hard Drive

This is the fastest, most direct method of destroying an old hard drive by simply hitting the drive with a hammer until its destroyed. This method however, may only lead to the hard disc being scratched and cracked; meaning that the data on the disc can still be recovered by professional data recovery technology.

Drilling the Hard Drive

Drilling into the hard drive is another method of destroying an old hard drive. The heat generated by the drill can cause additional damage to the disc around the drill hole. However, this method ultimately cannot completely damage the disk, leaving your data vulnerable to recovery.

Soaking the Hard Drive

Soaking the hard drive in water is another option for physical data destruction. This method will destroy the magnetic powder of the disk so as to reach the goal of disk wipe. However, this cannot guarantee that every part of the hard drive is completely soaked; the parts that remain dry can still allow for your data to be recovered.



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