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smart phone repair


Flexcycle has the professional staff with the technical knowledge to provide comprehensive phone repair and refurbishment services for our customers. Our highly-trained staff has access to advanced diagnostic equipment to confront a wide range mobile device malfunctions.

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The average consumer replaces their mobile terminal device every one to two years. Statistics show that millions of these devices are disposed of every year, but few are properly recycled. This means that many these devices are sent to landfills where they are disposed of in ways that cause irreparable damage to the environment.

We are confident that our team can provide repair solutions for both hardware and software problems that may affect your mobile device. For instance, from cracked screen to oil-resistant coating to faulty batteries to software flashing to software bugs, if your device is in need of repair, please feel free to contact us.


smart phone refurbishment


Additionally, our device refurbishment services provide our customers with a secure and green solution to dispose of their mobile terminal device. Our technicians begin with securely deleting the device’s data and then fixing all the hardware and software defects with the device. The finished product will be like new, ready to be re-used, with zero waste ending up in our landfills.

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If you prefer to use refurbished equipment, it will benefit your budget; if you choose to sell refurbished equipment rather than reusing, FLEXCYCLE wholesale and retail distribution channels will ensure the best prices and fastest payments for your device. Besides providing an efficient, high-quality repair and refurbishment service, FLEXCYCLE will help to provide customers with a positive after-sales support experience to protect consumers' rights and interests.



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