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Flexcycle is a creative and dynamic Waste Management And Recycling Company   that is in the growing stages. We are building a training system geared to fully enhance the quality of our staff. We focus on employee growth, encourage innovation and highlight the personality of employees. Additionally, through continuous environmental education training, Flexcycle guides staff members to focus on rapid yet sustainable company development. We are ultimately looking for the interviewees who are full of ambition and has a passion for environmental sustainability to grow with the Flexcycle team.

Let us help you achieve your career dream and create the brilliance together!

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Markham - Canada

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Flexcycle Phone Number : (905) 305-0798

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Data Destruction Tel: 1-905-305-0798
Decommission Service Fax: 1-905-305-0778
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Junk Remove Mon to Fri: 9am - 6pm
Data Destruction Sat to Sun: Appointment
Drop Off Locations Address: 165 Gibson Dr.
Public Collection Event Markham. L3R 3K7
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