Consumer E-waste

When people decide to recycle their E-waste, especially the computer recycling, laptop recycling, and tablet and phone recycling, one of the major concerns is Data Security. Flexcycle seeks to address any customer concerns by fulfilling our duty to keep your data secure. We can guarantee through our internal data destruction protocols and extensive staff training that your sensitive documents, confidential information and intellectual property will never be leaked or recovered.

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Environmental Sustainability

We provide a variety of green and eco-friendly recycling solutions to deal with obsolete E-waste. Many older electronics belongs to hazardous waste, which contains a higher content of toxic heavy metals; creating a major waste stream that needs to be handled safely to prevent environmental damage. With extensive experience in recycling industry, Flexcycle has a broad insight regarding the importance of green, low-carbon recycling. Based on the concept of “Zero Landfills”, we maximize the potential of this initiative by continuously adopting advanced technology to recycle E-waste. This mix of experience and modern technology allows Flexcycle to recycle your E-waste in an environmentally friendly way.

Drop-off Depot

Have unwanted electronics on hand? Most of you, for example, have the query that where to recycle computers, tablets and phones, where to get rid of the old tv and where to recycle batteries? You are welcome to drop-off your out-of-date electronics to our secure recycling drop off location during business hours. Outcall recycling service is also available. Please contact us for more details.



FLEXCYCLE Orientation


Data Destruction Tel: 1-905-305-0798
Decommission Service Fax: 1-905-305-0778
De-installation of Assets
Certificates of Recycling
Secure Chain-of-Custody


Junk Remove Mon to Fri: 9am - 6pm
Data Destruction Sat to Sun: Appointment
Drop Off Locations Address: 165 Gibson Dr.
Public Collection Event Markham. L3R 3K7
Certificates of Recycling Ontario.Canada