Mobile Data Wipe

Before you have decided to recycle your device and are going to bring your mobile devices to our drop-off location or mail them to us, please make sure to backup all the data to your personal hard drive and then wipe your cellphone as the following instructions.

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Notice that the service of your used device has been deactivated and you have fully paid for the account. Second, ensure that the SIM card has been removed. Third, your device has been cleared of all personal information including text messages, contacts, and personal files.

Erase your device:

Data wipe methods for mobile devices vary by company. It is imperative to backup your phone before erasing data due to the errors or interruptions that may occur during the data erasure process.

For Android Devices:

Go to System Settings -> Backup & Reset -> Factory Data Reset -> Scroll down and select "Erase Phone Storage" -> Press the "Reset Phone" button. Once completed your phone will restart and all content will be erased.

For Apple IOS Devices:

Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings.

For Windows Phones:

Tap Start -> Flick App List -> Tap Setting -> Tap About -> At the bottom of the screen Tap Reset -> Confirm the Reset Tap Yes.

Even though the above instructions seem like enough detailed and sophisticated, it is not a professional level data erasure. FLEXCYCLE as a professional recycling corporation is willing to help you with our specialized skills.



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