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Flexcycle Secure Service

Are you concerned about the potential leaking of your sensitive data or personal information? Flexcycle’s security team is here to eliminate all your concerns. In terms of Data Destruction, we operate a safe, quiet and efficient automated shredder that ensures all hard drive destruction debris meets customer size demands. According to the Data Wiping, Flexcycle relies on a data sanitization program known as the “US Department of Defense (DoD) 5220.22-M Standard” to ensure that the data wiping process is completed and irreversible.

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Providing high-quality shredding services and data wipe services are at the core of our business plan and our number one priority. We are committed to keeping your confidential information, corporate data and intellectual property secure. Flexcycle can provide customers with premium data secure service because of our many years of experience in the recycling and ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) industry. Due to this experience, we are able to customize customers’ data secure projects based on their specific needs and provide the relevant shredding or wiping technical support.

Flexcycle has integrated (what we call) the 3 C’s approach to our security services. Having Customization, Comprehensiveness and Compliance at the heart of our security program allows us to adhere to governmental and internal regulations of data destruction and data wiping while still being flexible to provide our customers the best data secure service possible.

Security Services Include :

  • Data Wiping
  • Physical Data Destruction
  • Witness Data Destruction
  • Prototype Destruction
  • Secure Storage
  • Security Chain of Custody

Secure Storage

Flexcycle’s 24/7 monitored warehouse storage allows customers to rest easy knowing their confidential information safe and secure. Our warehouse features separate an isolated storage place equipped with an alarm trigger system.

Additionally, through the remote access to our monitoring interface, customers are able to see the status of their items. Our custody chain management will ensure all customer requirements are carried out securely. Lastly, Flexcycle has purchased an insurance policy for the all of products in our warehouse storage to respond to any unexpected events that could occur.



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