Industries E-waste

Industry E-waste

Flexcycle as a recycling company in Toronto provides a comprehensive selection of recyclable materials recovery, waste management services and electronics waste recycling services to clients across a broad spectrum of fields. Flexcycle provides extensive solutions for company’s sensitive data, confidentiality agreement and intellectual property. Our reasonable plan and team of highly trained technicians will ensure your storage media is handled efficiently and securely.

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Additionally, we provide an array of other services including:

  • Account Audit
  • Data Destruction and Shredding Service
  • Online Surveillance of the recycling warehouse
  • Secure Storage and Secure Transportation Service
  • Low-Carbon Waste Recycling and Waste Management Program Customization

As a certified recycler and recycling center, Flexcycle abides by all governmental laws and regulations in terms of recycling services. We always assess our clients’ needs and are always prepared to work with our clients to answer your questions, meet your expectations and reduce your management costs.

Flexcycle understands that all our clients are unique and require different services; this why we provide flexible and customizable recycling solutions to meet all our clients’ requests. Once a course of actions is established with our client, their requests are processed right away. Once the processing is finished, we provide a complete, trackable recycle report to protect your interests.

Our recycling services provide competitive rates, high-quality recycling solutions and most importantly, are environmentally sustainable. This makes Flexcycle Recovery Management  the ideal choice for enterprise customers who have the requirement for the recycling services and IT Asset Dispoition.



FLEXCYCLE Orientation


Data Destruction Tel: 1-905-305-0798
Decommission Service Fax: 1-905-305-0778
De-installation of Assets
Certificates of Recycling
Secure Chain-of-Custody


Junk Remove Mon to Fri: 9am - 6pm
Data Destruction Sat to Sun: Appointment
Drop Off Locations Address: 165 Gibson Dr.
Public Collection Event Markham. L3R 3K7
Certificates of Recycling Ontario.Canada